The New Combo Life Introducing the Combo Life
Combo Life

Combo Life - Now At Our Showroom in Scorrier

The all-new Combo Life is full of innovations that make it a great choice for the whole family.

All Electric

The Combo Life is driven by a powerful electric system, boasting 136PS and a convenient automatic transmission with three driving modes.

Built To Suit

​You can choose to have either a 5 or 7 seat variant depending on your preference and requirements.

Two Wheelbases

Two wheelbases or lengths are available (longer wheelbase is designated “XL”).


The Combo Life's impressive 50kWh battery capacity will prove more than large enough for everyday driving, and with quick charging stations it will impress on longer journeys too with minimal stops.

Smart Driver Assistance

Standard smart driver assistance and safety features such as Lane Keep Assist, Forward Collision Alert, Traffic Sign Recognition and Automatic Emergency Braking.

Flexible Seating

The Combo Life's flexible seating layout is easily adaptable to an expansive variety of usages, whether you're taking the family away on holiday or loading up cargo.


​Amongst other handy features there is a sliding door on both sides of the vehicle, making it incredibly easy to unload wherever you are and helping your family stay safe  when exiting.

Safer Journeys

This family friendly vehicle is packed with driver-assistance systems for safer, easier driving. They include collision alerts, parking assistance, traction control and even a driver drowsiness alert.