Vauxhall Combo

Vauxhall Combo, Available at Dales Van Centre

Compact yet spacious, the New Combo combines functionality with improved comfort and ergonomics. The Combo features a range of flexible customisation options to support you in your daily work and adapt to your business needs.

With two body length options to choose from the Combo is impressively spacious, with a class-leading maximum load length of up to 3,440 mm. The latest iteration looks seriously sleek on the outside, adopting Vauxhall's signature Vizor grille and styling, and alongside the varied palette of paint choices the Combo is an excellent choice when it comes to representing your business out on the road.

As with all of Vauxhall's LCV options the Combo is available as a fully electric vehicle, but retains a selection of efficient and powerful ICE engines for those not ready to switch.​

Vauxhall Combo Dynamic
Vauxhall Combo
Vauxhall Combo
Vauxhall Combo
Vauxhall Combo

Professional Design

​The Vauxhall Combo is a panel van with a difference. It’s elegantly proportioned with a touch of sportiness, yet still tough and reliable. The new Vauxhall Vizor grille completes the look.


Both the short and longer wheelbase options make efficient use of the space available and surprise with their loading capacity. Additional options are available to further customise the load area.


All models come with a sliding side door for ease of access and the layout and structure are intelligently designed throughout to make your day to day work easier.


A diverse range of upgrades and options allow you to fully personalise the Combo whether you prioritise comfort or cargo, or if you are simply unwilling to compromise. High modularity gives you the ability to adapt on the go.

Vauxhall Combo
Vauxhall Combo
Vauxhall Combo
Vauxhall Combo

Stay Connected

​With optional infotainment systems and the digital dash, the Combo keeps you informed and entertained during your travels. Advanced safety features make your job easy and allow for stress free driving.

LED Headlights

With best-in-class IntelliLux Matrix headlights give you confidence in all conditions, and automatically adapt to help prevent accidents and avoid dazzling oncoming drivers.

Engine Options

Available as a fully electric vehicle or with a selection of powerful and efficient traditional engines and transmissions, the Combo is versatile enough to meet your demands.

All Electric

The all-electric Combo allows up to 205 miles of driving on a single charge with smart features such as regenerative braking to maximise efficiency. The battery can be charged from 0 - 80% in just 30 minutes at a 100kW fast charger, or in 7.5 hours from a standard charger at home.