Welcome, Adam!

Introducing Adam Sparkes, the new Sales Executive here at Dales Suzuki, Scorrier. Adam has been a valuable part of the Dales SEAT team for over six years,

and has recently transitioned over to help shine a light on all the great things Suzuki cars have to offer!

Learn why your next car should be a Suzuki

1. Award-winning
Suzuki celebrates some very good news from the results of the 2022 What Car? Reliability Survey
The results of the survey, in which readers report on their car ownership experience from six up to 15 years old, showed that of the 27 car brands measured,
Suzuki is at the top of the brand league table with a score of 97.0%. Owners praised Suzuki for having very few faults to report in their ownership as well as being inexpensive to repair.
The Vitara recorded 100% reliability with no faults at all reported from owners and was one of only three cars measured to score 100% in the survey.

2. Ultra-reliable
Suzuki is at the top of the brand league table with a score of 97.0%

3. Mild-hybrids and Self charging
Our Mild HYBRID system uses an electric motor called an integrated starter generator (ISG) that works alongside your car's petrol engine to help improve its efficiency.
The ISG is powered by an extra battery that is charged as the car decelerates and brakes.

4. No plug-in
No plug in's -All self contained

Pop down to Dales Suzuki today to meet Adam – and find the Suzuki for you.

Adam and our incredible team are on hand to walk you through our entire Suzuki range, including the brand-new Suzuki Cross – over a hot drink and biscuit, of course! You can also get your car washed and valeted while you shop too, so visit Dales Suzuki today!

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