The New Vitara Hybrid Introducing the Vitara Hybrid
Vitara Hybrid

Suzuki Vitara Hybrid At Scorrier & Summercourt

Designed to bring a cleaner attitude to your adventures, the new Suzuki Vitara Hybrid is the perfect addition to your family. Just as practical on the school run as it is off the beaten track, this eco-conscious model reduces emissions to 121g/km and increases efficiency to over 52mpg. That means you can explore further on a single tank of fuel while enjoying the same strong performance that’s synonymous with this mighty model. Plus, with its commanding presence and array of advanced technologies – from smartphone integration to Adaptive Cruise Control – the Vitara Hybrid brings style and substance to every journey.


Get to know Suzuki Hybrid; everything you need to know about Suzuki Hybrid Technology, so you can use less fuel, save money and reduce harmful CO2 emissions.

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Bold Styling

The Vitara’s bold SUV styling incorporates defined contours and striking sculpting, as well as a palette of eye-catching paint colours and 17-inch alloy wheels. There’s no doubt you’ll stand out on the road.

Impressive Space

​A 375-litre boot with adjustable floor means you can transport everything you need for the trip – from luggage to sports equipment. And if that’s not enough, the split-folding rear seats can increase the load capacity to 710 litres.

​Automatic Assistance

The automatic headlamps incorporate a sensor that detects when light levels are low, prompting your headlights to switch on automatically. The Vitara has LED daytime running lights as standard too, so you’ll always have optimum visibility when you travel.

Smartphone Integration

Access the apps on your smartphone via the Vitara’s central touchscreen thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. Select tracks from your playlist, make calls and more with the utmost convenience.

​ALLGRIP Technology

Tackle challenging conditions with the ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive system, which adapts to rain, snow and rough terrain to give you a stable and confident ride. Now you’re truly in control.

Driving Modes

Adjust the car’s parameters to suit the conditions or your preferences. Auto Mode optimises fuel efficiency, while Sport provides a more responsive ride. Snow gives you extra traction in slippery conditions, and Lock engages permanent four-wheel drive if you get stuck in snow or mud.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Enjoy effortless and safe cruising on the motorway thanks to Adaptive Cruise Control, which maintains a pre-set speed and ensures you remain a pre-set distance from the vehicle in front.

Advanced Safety

Safety is paramount when it comes to family travel, which is why the Vitara has an array of protective features as standard. From Lane Departure Warning to Blind Spot Monitoring, you’re fully supported no matter where the road takes you.