The New New Swift Introducing the New Swift

New Suzuki Swift in Scorrier & Summercourt

The all-new Suzuki Swift reimagines what a compact car should be. Elegant styling, sporty detailing and a fun driving experience combine to create a supermini that’s as pleasant on the eye as it is engaging on the road. You have a choice of trim levels, with SZ-T models being equipped with Bluetooth, a smartphone linkage display and 16” alloy wheels. SZ5 models get keyless entry with push-button start, Adaptive Cruise Control and Advanced Forward Detection. Whichever model takes your fancy, you’ll enjoy low running costs with fuel economy of up to 65.7mpg combined. The new Suzuki Swift is also available with an SHVS hybrid drivetrain, which combines a petrol engine with an electric motor.


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Elegant New Design

The new Suzuki Swift is more stylish than ever. Muscular body panels, LED headlights (SZ5 models) and stylish 16” alloy wheels combine to create a supermini with serious kerb appeal and road presence.

Fun To Drive

​The Suzuki Swift is powered by a range of new Dualjet and Boosterjet engines. These deliver strong performance, which combined with the Swift’s go-kart handling, makes for a fun drive in the city and beyond.


The new Suzuki Swift is available with an SHVS hybrid powertrain for lower CO2 emissions and better city economy. This model will return up to 62.7mpg combined, and has plenty of performance on tap.

Multi-Information Display

The Suzuki Swift is equipped with a 4.2” advanced multi-information display that shows a range of information, such as driving G-force and fuel consumption, to create a more immersive driving experience.

Satellite Navigation

SZ5 models come as standard with 3D satellite navigation. This system gives you audio directions through the car speakers. On SZ-T models, you can use your smartphone as your sat-nav with smartphone linkage.

Keyless Entry

A standard feature on SZ5 models, keyless entry unlocks your doors for you with the key fob in your pocket. This system also includes push-button start, so you don’t have to remove your key fob from your pocket.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control, or ACC, uses a forward-facing radar system to monitor the traffic in front of you. It will then brake and speed up for you, to maintain a safe following distance.

Advanced Forward Detection System

A standard feature on SZ5 models, the Advanced Forward Detection system uses a forward-facing camera and laser sensor. It includes autonomous emergency braking and lane departure warning.