Information For Carers and Appointees

The Motability Scheme enables disabled people to lease a new car, scooter or powered wheelchair by exchanging their mobility allowance. If you receive either the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA), the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP), the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS) or the Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP) you may be eligible to join the Motability Scheme.

If you are not the disabled person, but are acting on their behalf as an appointee or nominee, then you may find the following information useful.

Information For Appointees

What Is An Appointee?

Appointees are solely responsible for the collection and use of state benefits for the disabled person. They are assigned by the DWP or Veterans UK and may be social services or a charity, for example.

If you are unsure if you are a corporate appointee, you can check directly with the DWP on 03457 123456 or Veterans UK on 0800 191 4218.

The Corporate Appointee and The Motability Scheme

As a corporate appointee, it's your responsibility to ensure that the Motability Scheme car is used for the right purpose and the disabled person has full access to the car. You also take full responsibility for any outstanding monies for the Motability Scheme lease agreement.

About Carer

For some people, having a carer is important and a vital way of keeping their mobility. A carer can help the disabled person choose a car and apply to join the Motability Scheme. But it's important to remember that as they have not been assigned by the DWP or Veterans UK, they cannot do this on the disabled person's behalf.

About Nominees and Data Protection

A Motability Scheme customer's agreement cannot be discussed with anyone (other than the customer) unless they are named as a 'nominee' on the leasing agreement. Motability Scheme customers can add a new contact to their agreement at any time by completing the nominee form.

Nominees will be able to speak and make minor changes to the agreement on the customer's behalf, including:

  • Make minor changes to the agreement such as changing address details
  • Add or remove drivers through the Scheme insurers, RSA Motability

The form needs to be signed by both the Motability Scheme customer and the new contact, and for extra security a password can be set. All instructions are provided on the form itself.

What's The Difference Between an Appointee and a Nominee?

A nominee is someone that has the authority to speak on a customer's behalf. A nominee has no legal rights and the customer's Motability Scheme agreement is still in their name.