The New Ibiza Introducing the Ibiza

SEAT Ibiza at Summercourt and Scorrier

The latest edition of the SEAT Ibiza continues where the previous edition left off, with its stylish design tweaked for a new audience and certain to turn heads. Whether it’s the array of premium paintwork options available or the choice of bold and sporty alloy wheels, making the Ibiza your own is effortless. An abundance of technology throughout ensures an unforgettable and engaging ride each time you get behind the wheel, while engine options have been developed to offer the utmost in responsive and agile performance combined with impressive fuel economy. Discover more about the new SEAT Ibiza at Dales Cornwall today.

Bold Colour Schemes

Nevada White, Asphalt Blue, Magnetic Red and Midnight Black are just a few of the premium colour schemes available across the SEAT Ibiza range.​

​Smart Fascia

The distinctive front end of the new Ibiza is defined by the expressive grille and the full LED headlight signature, which provides incredible visibility and ensures others always see you coming. ​

​Glowing Lights

Step inside the SEAT Ibiza and you can experience a dancefloor vibe, with the ambient lights surrounding the air vents providing a touch of party atmosphere to your motoring.​

That’s Entertainment

Music lovers will find the 9.25" floating touchscreen connects seamlessly to their smartphone for the ultimate in media streaming, communications, navigation and much more.​

SEAT Digital Cockpit

A colourful 10.25" driving display is available in place of traditional dials, presenting you with all the key driving information and satellite navigation details right before your eyes.​

Rear View Camera

It’s easy to slot the new Ibiza into place thanks to the addition of the Rear View Camera, which displays on the colour touchscreen and ensures you can always reverse safely.​

​Take A Break

The Ibiza’s intelligent 'Tiredness Recognition System' will detect when your reactions begin to falter, providing audio and visual alerts recommending you take a break from motoring. 

Lane Assist

Long journeys can often see tiredness affect motoring, so the SEAT Ibiza utilises Lane Assist to alert you should you begin to drift from your lane.