The New Arona Introducing the Arona

SEAT Arona at Summercourt and Scorrier

An award-winning crossover SUV with distinctive style, the new SEAT Arona features an updated design, plenty of capability, and all the advanced technology you could possibly demand. Every inch of the model has been carefully crafted to offer the very best, with exterior and interior designs perfectly complementing one another and creating a driving experience you won’t forget. With a number of trim levels, a driver-centric arrangement, and engine options that are responsive and economical in equal measure, finding the perfect SEAT Arona is simple. Discover more with Dales Cornwall today.​

New Front Grille

The redesigned front grille of the new SEAT Arona is more stylish than ever before and incorporates great looking LED headlights and integrated fog lights for improved visibility at all times.

Contrasting Roof Colour

Personalisation options for the new Arona include being able to mix and match colour combinations, with the roof and body available in contrasting tones for added visual appeal.​

Bold Alloy Wheels

Performance 18" alloy wheels come in a five-spoke, lightweight design in Cosmo Grey, gripping the road and providing enhanced aerodynamic performance for the vehicle.​

Driver Centric Dash

The interior design of the new Arona has been enhanced to ensure a modern and intuitive driving experience, with digital touchscreens and a multifunction steering wheel.​

Cutting Edge Technology

A suite of infotainment measures enables you to access your smartphone via the central colour touchscreen, meaning you can stream media and manage your communications on the go.​

Park Assist

Slotting the new SEAT Arona into the narrowest of spaces is easier than ever thanks to the Park Assist system which scans spaces and provides details on how best to approach parking, steering on your behalf.​

Wireless Charging

Keep your smartphone fully charged without a tangle of cables thanks to the wireless charging options available in the SEAT Arona.​

Safety First

A selection of safety measures provides you with the utmost peace of mind, with systems such as High Beam Assist, Tiredness Recognition, Adaptive Cruise Control and more available.