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For More Information, You Can See a Preview of The All-New Mégane E-Tech Right Here

  • All-New Mégane E-Tech 100% Electric is the first of a new generation of electric vehicles to benefit from the new CMF-EV platform, dedicated to electric vehicles
  • 'Sensual Tech' design language with the brand's new 'Nouvel'R' logo
  • OpenR screen offers class-leading digital experience with 12.3-inch dashboard display, 12-inch multimedia display, built on Android Automotive OS with integrated Google services
  • Optimised cabin space with innovative and recycled materials Motorsport’s team of military veteran beneficiaries
  • Two battery capacities available with a range of up to 292 miles (WLTP) and fast 130 kW charging delivering 186 miles of range in just 30 minutes
  • 26 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) bring innovative safety systems and driver aids to the segment

The All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric is the first model in the Renault range to benefit from all the Alliance's CMF-EV platform has to offer. This new benchmark platform is dedicated to all-electric vehicles and makes it easier to manufacture, develop, and optimise performance of each brand’s new-generation models. Thanks to disruptive technology and batteries with greater capacity, the CMF-EV platform offers the opportunity to increase the energy efficiency and range of an electric car while reducing its charging time. The power and comfort when sitting behind the wheel are also greatly enhanced thanks to an overhaul of the chassis and steering systems and a lowered centre of gravity made possible thanks to the batteries mounted under the floor.

The innovative ‘Cocoon Effect Technology’, developed and patented by Renault engineers, brings a level of audio comfort that is unparalleled, even for a naturally silent electric car. A layer of sound-absorbing foam has been pressed in between the car’s floor and across the whole battery. Improvements are best felt above 18 mph as it creates a sound cocoon most often found on premium saloon models. Moreover, the ‘Cocoon Effect Technology’ is very lightweight; it weighs 3 kilos less than regular sound proofing and is enhanced by an additional door lining. The new generation MULTI-SENSE settings and the OpenR Link multimedia interface allow drivers to adapt the car to their personality or mood. They can be accessed via the OpenR touch screen, or a brand-new button located on the steering wheel. The various settings cover items such as driving sensations (power steering, engine calibration, accelerator responsiveness) and on-board mood (lighting, driver seat comfort, heating, instrument displays and colour), while three pre-programmed modes (Eco, Comfort, and Sport) combine the best of these settings for simplicity. A fourth mode (My Sense) offers a configurable blend of settings. The driver can switch between any of the modes at any time – even by voice command.

The All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric is available with multiple charging solutions, and is compatible with all AC charging infrastructure. Depending on the version, it can also be compatible with DC chargers up to 130kW (combo sockets), such as fast charging stations on motorways. Charge times are among the fastest on the market:

- Up to 248 miles of mixed driving recovered overnight (8 hours) with a 7.4kW wallbox

- Up to 99 miles of urban driving recovered in 1 hour, with a 22kW public charging station

- Up to 124 miles of motorway driving recovered in 30 minutes with a 130kW fast charging station

- Up to 186 miles WLTP recovered in 30 minutes with a 130kW fast charging station

The All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric is equipped with intelligent charging capabilities and, ultimately, it will be able to feed power back into the grid when needed thanks to vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. Renault and the Group's new brand, Mobilize, have developed expertise in battery management (e.g., second life, recycling) that covers the entire life cycle and value chain. The All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric does even more to protect the environment. All upholstery is made out of 100% recycled materials. Depending on the version, that accounts for up to 2.2kg. A total of 27.2 kg of visible and invisible parts are made out recycled plastics. 95% of the vehicle will be recycled at the end of its life.

The All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric includes the Fireman Access innovation that was born of a long-standing partnership between Renault Group and French firefighters. It adds a special access for rescue teams to utilise when trying to quickly douse a battery fire on an electric vehicle, meaning they can quench the flames in just 5 minutes as opposed to 1-3 hours it used to take. In addition, a switch located under the rear bench enables rescue teams to disconnect the battery from the vehicle. A QR code is also affixed to the windscreen of the All-New Mégane E-Tech Electric. It is intended for rescue teams who, by scanning it when responding to an accident, can quickly recognise that it is an electric vehicle. It also gives them access to the car’s structural information, for example, the location of the battery and airbags, places for quick and risk-free cutting.