The New ZOE Van E-Tech Introducing the ZOE Van E-Tech
ZOE Van E-Tech

All-New Renault ZOE Van E-Tech Electric in Scorrier & Summercourt

The 100% electric ZOE Van is the perfect solution for urban deliveries. It offers a 245 mile combined range with an estimated real-world cold weather range of 150 miles. It charges to 80% in 1 hour 10 minutes at a 50kW charger or you can plug it in for 30 minutes and get a 90-mile range boost. The driving experience is effortless with no gears, instant performance and a smooth ride. Making deliveries has never been easier.

This is a fully-fledged Renault PRO+ commercial vehicle, so it also boasts impressive cargo space with a 0.51m3 load area with a mesh bulkhead and a flat load floor. There’s no wheel arch intrusion to maximise load space. The ZOE Van is also loaded with kit, like a 10” digital driver’s display, 7” touchscreen, cruise control and keyless entry as standard, with i Business or i Business + trim levels available.

Electric range

The official WLTP combined range is 245 miles, but the real-world range in normal conditions is 200 miles or 150 miles in cold weather. This should be plenty for urban deliveries and especially if you can top up the battery.


The ZOE Van supports rapid charging up to 50kW. A 50kW charger gives you a 90-mile range boost in 30 minutes and charges the battery to 80% in 1 hour 15 mins. A 22kW charger will give you a 100% charge in around 3 hours.

R110 motor

The 80 kW (108 hp) R110 electric motor kicks out 225Nm of torque instantly at any speed. With no gears to slog through, acceleration is brisk. You can use B Mode to increase or decrease the level of regenerative braking.

Cargo space

The load area has 0.51m3 of cargo space and the following features - mesh bulkhead, 4 anchorage points, protective rubber flooring, opaque windows. It’s plenty big enough for last mile and urban deliveries.

Digital cockpit

The Zoe Van boasts a 10” digital driver’s display and a 7” touchscreen with smartphone connectivity (Apple CarPlay & Android Auto). These dual digital displays deliver an awesome driving experience.

Renault Key Card

Instead of a key, the Zoe Van has a key card. All Zoe Van’s also have hands-free keyless entry. This allows you to keep your key card in your pocket at all times. Just jump right in, press start and get going.

Driving aids

The Zoe Van comes as standard with a speed limiter, cruise control and emergency brake assist. i Business + models add rear parking sensors, lane keep assist, lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition.

Running costs

Charging the ZOE Van to 100% costs around £6 but if you charge off-peak that could drop as low as £5. Also, there’s £0 road tax, and you can access the plug-in van grant to get £3,000 off your new ZOE Van.